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MagmaRails 2012

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Jun 25, 2012


MagmaRails 2012

So MagmaRails 3rd round is over. This time we went full throttle in the beautiful city of Manzanillo, Colima. It was by far the best experience Crowd Interactive has had as a team. I'm not saying that the match went exactly as planned; we had some round kicks to the face, a couple of elbow hits and even an huracarrana, but nothing that our luchadores from Crowd Interactive couldn't handle.

The Lineup

We could not go fight this third round without having really big luchadores headlining the matches, and that's what we feel really proud of.


Leading the match:

  • The awesome "Pink Warrior" Aaron Patterson from AT&T Interactive
  • The "Happy Blue Dolphin" Scott Chacon from Github
  • The Courageous Fairy Dr. Nic from Engine Yard

And in their corner:

  • "Hurricaine" Blake Mizerany
  • Edwin "El Loco" Cruz
  • César "StartupMan" Salazar
  • Federico Ramallo
  • Paco "Spanglisher" Viramontes
  • Gil Alvarado
  • Iván "El Terrible" Acosta
  • Les Hill
  • Norberto Ortigoza
  • Mario Chávez
  • Ron "El Vikingo" Evans
  • Daniel "El Pez" Fischer
  • Rafa Magaña
  • Wesley "El Tranquilo" Beary
  • Federico Soria
  • Konstantin Gredeskoul
  • Ismael Marín
  • Manuel "El Rudísimo" Vidaurre
  • Rubén Medellín

The Match

Aaron Patterson's talk was a about Rails 4 (ZOMG!), this was his first time giving this talk and we had the honor of hearing about it at MagmaRails. He talked about some of the new features that Rails 4 will have, like Rails Queue. We will now have a consistent API in Rails so we can manage queues in a standard way. We'll now be able to switch between queueing gems without much trouble. Rails will have a default queuing mechanism that will handle queues in memory so we will be able to write queue tests much faster. Also Rails 4 will have streaming capabilities, so we can have a realtime web app. Aaron also showed us his wishlist for Rails 4, which includes Rails.js, a backbone like framework inside of Rails that's also opinionated so we can now have a Rails app that serves only API's.

Aaron Patterson

Scott Chacon's talk was about The future of work, and how Github developed their workflow in time. He also gave hints of how to grow fast without losing control of your company or staff. In Github they have no limit for vacation days nor sick days, they work from anywere and anytime. It was a really interesting talk that sprouted a lot of questions and hopefully open a lot of companies eyes of how to trust and manage your team.

You gain alot from just conversing with Dr Nic. He loves working in open source projects and fixing things, then he just walks away to the next adventure. His talk 'Go fast as a developer' is his life experience as an open source developer. A really interesting talk showing us tips and tricks of how to automate things so we can focus on the real things.

Edwin and Konstantin's talks were two of the most intense talks in Magma Rails. Edwin talked about migrating a Rails app from the cloud to a bare metal server, and what do you need to know that you don't when deploying to the cloud; like maybe capistrano, chef, and other spells. Konstantin on the other hand showed us how Rails can really scale... really?! YES! You just need to use the right tools, the right configuration and the right knowledge. Konstantin showed us queuing systems, load balancers and even how to manage an agile team. These both were really mind blowing talks, and if you doubted that you can't go big with Rails, you just need to talk to them.


Rafa and Ismael's talks were two of the talks that had a very good message, and we hope that it really sinks in. Ismael's talk was about how he found the right path that led him to learn and keep learning software engineering by never giving up and reading lots and lots of books. While Rafa's talk was about other techniques for learning programming languages, that is by reading source code. So if you want to learn Ruby, read the Rails source code, if you want to learn C, read the Ruby source code.

We also had a frontend talk held by Daniel Fischer, were he stated the need for the comunity to join and create a #betterfrontend. We don't have much information of best practices for frontend development and the community is a bit scattered, so join the movement!

Last but not least we had Ron Evan's talk about Kids Ruby. Ron is simply awesome, his talk was about Kids Ruby and his commitment is so high that he gave his talk in spanish! Kids Ruby as the github repo states, is a programming environment meant for kids to learn and have fun. This movement - I would dare to say- is very important because not only we are helping kids with their early development and getting into computers, but also to prevent the shortage of developers like the one that we are having right now. So if you can help with Kids Ruby, do not hesitate to reach Ron and his team.

It was International

We had people from many parts of the world. The speakers alone were from 6 different countries, Russia, USA, México, Venezuela, Australia, and Argentina. The attendees were from also from México, the US, plus France, Japan and Spain. We had poeple from 9 different countries, that's awesome!

It was real hard work

We have a team at Crowd Interactive that dedicates year-round to this event. This goes from searching a venue, releasing the call for papers, selecting proposals, looking for sponsorships, designing and creating flyers, stickers, luchador masks, belts, and a whole lof of other stuff.

But it was a full success

We did a retrospective asking attendees how they felt about the conference, and we were pretty happy about their responses. They really liked the spearkers, the talks, the city, and of course the drinkups!

My final thoughts

A common denominator from the mayority of the talks were that we need to read a lot. Really: a lot! We need to give back to the community by writing blog posts, facilitating workshops, sharing knowledge. Another important message was to not invest in recruiting because your efforts will be much better if you hold code retreats, Ruby shops, give talks, help people, help an open source project, sponsor MagmaRails!


MagmaRails is an amazing conference and it will be getting better by the year. There are great plans already going for 2013 that you just can't miss!

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