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Magma Rails 2010, a success!

72d86bb5aaaa1720ede338f4ad613344by David Padilla|

Oct 18, 2010


And it's all thanks to you.

We will be posting all the pictures, slides and videos in the official Magma Rails site as soon as we're done organizing and encoding everything.

However, if you are impatient, you can take a peek at what it was like through it's Hashalbum.

I loved the crowd's reaction to the event, and we're hoping it helped them catch some inspiration to choose a career path on the wonderful world of Ruby on Rails.

We still feel so excited about Magma Rails that, the 2011 edition is already being planned. Remember to send all the feedback you can to info@magmarails.com, we'd love to hear from you on how to improve the event for next year. (We already know that the lack of internet in the room was a big disappointment so, don't bother sending feedback about that ;) )

Thanks again to everyone involved.

Hope to see you next year!

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