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We share what we know

GoConvey and Deaf Grandma

Isay SosaDec 12, 2014

If you have used Ruby on Rails, you may be familiar with Rspec, a gem that allows us to test your Ruby code in a very intuitive way. In Go, we have GoConvey: a library that allows us to write self-documenting tests for our Go code in an easy way.

Setting up GoConvey.

To get GoConvey, we open our terminal and type the following.

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The minimalist guide to Spree Static Content

Carlos MuñizDec 02, 2014

In many Spree projects where I have worked previously, it had become necessary to handle static pages like Help, Terms and Conditions, About Us, etc... In short, all those "stock pages" and some others that come out of the box with any eCommerce website.

I always recommend my colleagues to deliver a simple way to generate the pages, although I "LOVE" to write all the HTML with my own hands, it is more efficient to use Rails helpers or some other markup as HAML.

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