Golang Tags

6f817240dd76572dc4663b368ce6d9baby Isay Sosa|

Feb 17, 2015


Hey guys! If you are a Go developer, you probably have used tags inside your structs. A tag is an optional string literal which you declare after a field. Here's an example:

// A struct corresponding to the TimeStamp protocol buffer.
// The tag strings define the protocol buffer field numbers.

Internet Explorer 8 and 9 Swiss Knife

2a50daae75035fbc0ec5320be8e42f5eby Victor Velazquez|

Feb 09, 2015

|Web Dev

I've done this snippet compilation for IE8 and IE9 that I think might be helpful for you if you have to do some cross-browser stuff and you need to work with Internet Explorer.

1. Localhost (Large Blade)

First of all, you may be working using a Virtual Machine or with a dummy PC with Windows. I was using a Virtual Box with Windows 7 to use IE, but the I ran into my first problem when trying to use localhost as domain of my application; it was running on my OS computer, so I needed a small hack.