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How Accurate Are Your Estimations?

89c6420fb99cb01bcf2e3502a7851da2by Carlos Muñiz|

Jul 21, 2015

| Craftsmanship

Have you ever failed to deliver a task due to a tight deadline?

The chances are that your clients were unhappy, and you were working ridiculous amounts of hours, this could've happened because the underestimation of the amount of work needed to complete the tasks.

There are many reasons why we fall in underestimation of tasks. For example, it can be our EGO -admittedly, we often think that we are all powerful casters master developers that can do anything- or more commonly, due to not being familiarized with the task.


Can't keep up? A simple guide to give feedback.

89c6420fb99cb01bcf2e3502a7851da2by Carlos Muñiz|

May 15, 2015

| Craftsmanship

I've always considered that it's a good habit to, from time to time, give feedback to our peers. Although it seems simple, giving effective feedback, like all skills, needs learning, practice, and patience.

Feedback is praising good performance and offering corrective suggestions. Focus should be both on what the person did and how it should have been done. It's for the recipient’s and not the observer’s benefit.


Shopify Theme Staging

9d2d73612dcc5c42fa0ae4540002a77cby Edmundo Perez|

May 08, 2015


This post is about how to create a "staging" environment for making changes to your Shopify theme. This can be useful to avoid the awful truth of having to do it _in the flesh or the painful and tedious process of modifying, previewing and publishing changes to a theme._


It's all about doing changes on a staging theme, pushing and pulling commits onto a production theme and then deploying your shiny new featured theme.


The Rubber Duck Effect

89c6420fb99cb01bcf2e3502a7851da2by Carlos Muñiz|

May 01, 2015


Food for thought

For me, on a normal day at the office, I usually take my coffee, I have my current project's standup and I get to work on the features; out of this, in my "free" ([pomodoro][1]) time I like to stand up, walk and get closer to my colleagues from other projects, just to see what are they doing and how can I help.